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I recently bought a Limited Edition translucent green Epi Les Paul. The serial number is L6100718. I've visited the Guitar Dater Project site, and all that can tell me is that the guitar was made in Korea in '86, '96 or '06..no factory details. I doubt that it's as recent as '06 as the tuners are tulip style and not larger Grovers that are fitted to more recent Epi LP's. I'm not aware of a Korean factory beginning with L so, using a bit of artistic license, I assumed the L might stand for Limited Edition. On that basis, if I enter just the numbers, it comes back as: Korea..on October, 1986..Production Number: 718...again there's no factory info.


It's a lovely guitar with a really nice neck. It's got a few knocks and dings mostly on the back but no structural problems. I wondered if anyone here can tell me more about where and when it was made. I could post some pics, but I'm new here so I'm still working out how! Thanks.

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