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Hey Guys,





Just wondering why I cant reply to some of the forum threads while others I can?











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Hello, Dave.


I have studied human psychology for many years.

One's seeming ability to reply or respond to some, and not to others, is a complex emotional concern.


It's right on the psychological border line between a General Thread Anxiety diagnosis and what's known as Borderline Posting Personality Disorder.


At the foundation of it all are issues of both trust and self-esteem.


I myself find it easy to reply to threads regarding the celebration of new guitar acquisitions and those offering photos of doggies and kitties, but I am emotionally blocked when it comes to replying to threads that concern dates of origin for older acoustic guitars, re-dressing frets, and guitar pickup swap-outs.


I'm an eternal optimist, and a 'glass half-full' kind of guy, so I don't look at this as a 'problem', but rather a uniqueness about myself that I choose to celebrate.


Please know that my door is always open to you, and if ever you need to talk, I am here for you, buddy.





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Okay, so I was just messing with you, Dave.


Some forums require a minimum number of posts (website-wide) before you are allowed to post there.


This prevents spammers and trolls from doing too much damage to the reputation and prestige of the Gibson family name.


Or words to that effect.


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