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BoB box to Roland GK13 Guitar to MIDI adapter.


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If you wish to drive Roland Gear GK 13 Pin gear via the BoB Box - Build a an interface Cable Its possible with some DIY and soldering knowledge.


Join the VGuitar Forum and I have several schematics on building GK-13 type interface adapters.





Basically you get a 13 pin DIN plug (see below) - this will connect to an Axon MIDi interface or a Roland VG-99, Roland GR-20, etc. anything that needs a Roland GK 13 pin input


** As its a MALE 13 pin DIN Plug you will use, Be sure to flip the electrical connections to accommodate the gender change from the reference pinlist above


Order Male 13 pin DIN plug here:





Use the independant string outputs from your HD.6X Pro BoB box you could build an interface cable that would have the 6 1/4" Male plugs on one side ( one per string) and the 13 pin DIN plug on the other ( to connect to the Roland Gk13 gear) . Its tough to solder the 13 pin din plugs but possible.




Then you can drive the input of the Roland VG-99 Virtual Guitar COSM Processor




or as a plug and play solution, just buy an RMC Fan Out box and 6 patch cords between BoB String Outputs and RMC Fanout box String Inputs- and you are there.







Front view of RMC Fanout Box featuring from left to right :

Poly-OUT 1(GK13) jack, Poly-IN (GK13) jack, synth volume I/O, spare line I/O, SW 1 I/O, SW 2 I/O,

Custom String Mix switch banks A & B and Loops A & B


The back panel features from right to left: Poly-OUT 2(GK13) jack, Separate string signal I/O's 1 thru 6,

Custom Mix A & B Outputs and a MONO Out connection.


Then you can drive the GK13 Input of the Roland VG-99 Processor from the HD.6X Pro.


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