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Finish Dilemma


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I bought a WM-45 second hand Serial No 90198056. It has a satin finish and sounds nice at home but playing with some others it lacks a bit.

I have noticed that the satin finish is wearing off (on the body beside the neck and pick guard) ( the neck is gloss but the headstock satin) and exposing a gloss finish underneath - i assume this gloss to be the original and that the satin is a home-done spray finish to mask something.

So, I would like to remove the satin. I am thinking that if I could find a solvent that would not damage to original but soften/remove the satin. It will be a trial and minimal error I hope. My question is what would the be original finish on the WM-45? And what solvent is used spray it on ( because this is the one I do not want to use). Any other comment are also most welcome. Cheers

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