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My name is John & I'm a guitar addict


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My Name is John (some of you may know me from MLP) & I'm a compulsive guitar addict and stupidly thought joining this would help me not to buy anymore guitars, [rolleyes] Boy was I wrong.

I have Been Playing for 30 years both semi pro and just for fun but have never been what you'd call a great lead guitarist but i can get by. I like a groove. I also enjoy anyone that knows chords and uses them well.

my current collection stands at 112 including.


Back Row = 2012 50's Tribute SG

Left to Right

1982 Spirit 1 (all original with Tim Shaw 59 Humbucker)

2014 Les Paul Traditional

2012 Les Paul Classic Custom

2012 Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute HB



2008 Explorer 76 Reissue



2017 Firebird T



Lastly, like so many others here, the guitar is such a great friend to me. It has always been there. Remember..the tone is in your fingers.


Nice forum

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Hi John! We are all similarly afflicted here. Some got it worse than others!!


NICE herd!


Love those pauls, that firebird looks KILLER!


Yeah the fierbird is fantastic, especially now its got replacement pickups but still not a patch on this one.


Epiphone Joe Bonamassa “Treasure” Firebird 1


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man your house would ROCK for a few house parties!! LOL!



the top of my collection I managed 21.. I'm now at 20, and trying to sell two at the moment. I just don't play em much and decided to cull the the herd


But that is an awesome collection you have


Good for you man!! enjoy everyone one of em (if you have time that is! haha!)

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What kind of amps are you running these through? Do you gig a lot, play a lot? Which ones are your favorites?


I'm almost as big an addict for amps as guitars (current collection 23 amp and assorted cabs)


I'm in a band that gig every week with different setlists, so I get to use most of my gear on a regular basis.


my favorites st the moment are =

Home use


Epiphone Electar “1939” Century” Reissue

Juketone “Royal Blood” Amp Head

Juketone 1x12 Cabinet


Gig use

*Epiphone Valve Junior Head (Hot Rod Special Mods) as pre-amp

*Epiphone Valve Junior Head

*Epiphone Valve Junior 1x12 Cabinet x 2

* = wired together as one unit


Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III “Western Noir”

Marshall 2199 JMP Master Lead Combo

Vox AC-30 VR


Full Rock out gigs


Laney TF700 Head

Laney TFX 412 Cabinet




Marshall G100R CD with

Marshall VS412 Cabinet topped with

Marshall 1965B Straight Front Cab (4x10 inch speakers)


Full collection here



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