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Case for Epiphone Dot


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Hi guys! I was planning on fitting my Dot with a Bigsby B7 and the Vibramate V7 335 kit. I wanted to know which case I should buy now in order for there to be space for the Bigsby to fit in the future.


I was going to buy a Hiscox case as a guitar tech recommended them to me however they say a Dot w/ Bigsby won't fit in their 335 case and said it may fit in a case for a Yamaha ("YAM-SAB"). Is there any other cases designed for Epiphones specifically with a Bigsby, what about a Epiphone branded case for the Riveria Custom w/ Bigsby??


Many thanks for reading and any suggestions, Ed

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My Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 guitar fits nice and snug in its Epiphone E519 Case, Bigsby and all. If you look carefully at the picture, you can see the indentation on the top of the case from the Bigsby, but that's all it is, a slight indentation.




Sweetwater's description for this case shows the models it is made to fit, including the Riviera model with Bigsby.




P.S. - Be careful to buy from a dealer that allows returns if something goes wrong. The latches did not work properly with the first Epi E519 case I took out of the box. Fortunately, the store had another case in the back and made the exchange.

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