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Differences CS-356 / ES-339 / CS-336


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I'm looking for a smaller semi and wading through Gibson specs and details is less than fruitful. I'm hoping someone has exact specs / comparison for the three, specifically:

Stock pickups current and past

I am not too fond of BB pickups and think that the ES-339 (and maybe the others?) had come with both 57's over the years. Does anyone know what year the when / if BB's were cut into production on any / all of the three? I "could" swap BB's out but that adds expense I'd rather not have.


Body sizes on upper and lower bout

I want a 15" or even 14" I have 16" covered already.











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I had a CS336 for a long time (15 years) and recently sold it. Replaced it with a CS356. They are the same guitar, just the 356 is a little fancier with gold hardware and more flamed tops. They both have 57 Classic pickups. I don't think any of the 3 models you mentioned come with Burstbuckers.


The dimensions above are within an 1/8th of an inch of my 356. (probably measurer error by one of us)


The big difference between them and a 339 is the wood and construction. A 336 or 356 starts out as a solid block of mahogany that is routed and carved out for the upper and lower bouts and the center block. So there is no "block" per se, it is all one piece of wood. Then a carved maple top is fitted. Thus they can sound very much like a Les Paul but are lighter and you also can get a variety of semi-hollow tones.


A 339 is the maple/poplar/maple sandwich wood for back, sides and top so they tend to sound more like a 335.


Here is my 356:



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