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NAMM 2018: Gibson no-show confirmed


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It’s a shame.

I suspect Bozemon is doing just fine. My friend Scott at Russo’s thinks this is a great year for Gibson. He is excited about ord ring some customs. The horrible tuners are gone. And he has no problem moving inventory.

I think Bozemon is fine. I hope the do well. I hope Don gets the success he deserves.

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honestly now... who cares?


I have never once gone to a NAMM show.. No one I know has ever gone to a NAMM show, I don't expect I shall ever go to a NAMM show..

(or CES for that fact........)

I've gone and I care ...


But do I make a big deal about it ? No



It's always nice to say hi to Don who has been very kind to me over the years.




God Bless him and Gibson






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