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Where's surfpup?


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No reason for alarm gentlemen! Just been a bit swamped lately - working too much, fighting the common cold as brought my way daily by 75 school children, and rehearsing a part in a play. I notice no one specualted that I had gone off and become a rock star... =P~ Then again I guess most of you have seen my youtube posts and realized that wasn't a likely possibility!


Anyway, I'll try not to ignore my forum responsibilities quite so completely from now on. Rich is right, you guys really are some needy f***ers! =P~

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You know life' date=' its like those soft spongy things called mammary glands. Those other beings have them; you know the types; the ones that yell at us when we spend too much time with the shiny thing that has strings and makes noise when it the red button is moved to the on/off position.


I looked up life and I got this as a response. I think this might be a good picture of life, you can't live with them, you can't kill them and they do provide a service during those chilly nights when the bed needs to be warmed up prior to jumping under the covers.





OK, I guess I really should "get a life". =P~


Welcome back SP

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