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HP or T ?


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Is there any way to add locking tuners to the HP self-tuning mechanism? Locking tuners are a must for me since they make changing strings bearable.


String changing is easy enough. I have arthritic thumbs, so find this painless.


see 30 seconds in to see a string change.



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I say it again I am not a fan of the rear mount pickup as these guitars now have specialty stuff going on. Not that you would plan to replace the pickups, but they will be that much more to replace in case of repair or whatever. That’s just the way I think about crap. The more generic the better IMHO. Kind of like having a foreign car with foreign parts. Costs you twice as much and/or twice as hard to find. I miss the pickup rings on the HP models too. Obviously no use for them on HP, but I like that look on a LP.


I'm definitely with you there. Replacing or changing the pickups would be a pain Unless it were redone in a classic manner. I rarely replace pickups but having that option would be nice. I'm more of a traditionalist in some things and guitars are one of them. But for some people, I can see how it would be the perfect guitar. I like having options but the HP options are ones that I'd pass on.

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