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The Wolves have been my favourite band for decades.


Their recordings were not available in the uk for many years, so not many of us knew about them (outside of La Bamba).

I had to import most of their albums from USA.


Not even the Beatles attempted this live, but Los Lobos did... [smile]


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I saw them years ago in San Fran (AKA The City). They played The Grateful Dead's Bertha that night. Love that tune. Seen The Grateful Dead do it live on a few occasions. I guess you cant just say The Dead anymore and have people know that it was the band with Jerry in it. Since The Dead toured after he died with some members of the Grateful Dead and called it The Dead with I think that tool John Mayer. But When I say the Dead I mean with Jerry. Ok enough about that. Los Lobos are killer. I have several of there albums. Kiko, How Will The Wolf Survive?, Colossal Head , and This Time are is smoking albums. If you want to hear a good Los Lobos side project with a bit of the bizarre, check out The Latin Playboys. They have 2 albums out. The first in the a little better.


Yes I have both Latin Playboys albums and the Los Super 7 ones too. I'm glad you mentioned the Dead here because they were my favourite band before Lobos! I saw Los Lobos in London just once but they were incredible, they segued into Rattlesnake Shake (Peter Green's) that night which was a special bonus surprise for me.


I saw the Dead first time in 1974, and several times since, including Winterland SF in 1977. BTW, the surviving Dead members briefly called themselves 'The Other Ones' which as well a song reference, was a nice backward glance to Jerry I thought.


Back to Los Lobos. Have you heard the live 'One Time One Night' volumes 1 and 2? They are excellent. [thumbup]

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