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bonamassa with bigsby question - real or not


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Hi everyone, I'm new here and perhaps about to get a new epiphone --- over here i have found a bonamassa w/bigsby for sale, online at a dealer that claims to be an authorized dealer.


They have posted some photos online, and I can't help notice that the tuners are a bit different than what I see on the epiphone site. they told me that its authentic and cannot explain the difference. The website has the normal oval shaped tuning keys, this one seems to have fancier keys. SErial number is clearly visible in the photo.


I would have emailed gibson support but there's no way to attach a photo here, can anyone comment on whether this guitar is real and some of the bonamassa LPs indeed has these tuners?




post-89474-007411100 1515596530_thumb.jpg

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Is this a new or used guitar?


The tuners are the Epiphone Rotomatic style tuners.


My link


They have been used on some of there archtops over the years, and it is possible that the previous owner swapped the out for this style.


The serial number decodes to a February 2015, so it is in the correct year range.


If it were me, I would ask the seller to pull up the pick ups and send you a photo of the bottom, they should be Gibson USA burstbuckers.

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