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Gibson bass slot head tuners


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I posted this question in another thread as well. I just purchased a 1970 Gibson EB-0 bass husk with the short lived (2 year) slotted headstock. The tuners haven't been made in 30 years, schaller m4 classic with the long post and hole instead of a slot.

When a used set does pop up it seems they want a fortune. I'll be installing all new hardware and electronics so I don't necessarily need vintage. It looks like I can install regular tuners without the long post reaching the bushing, it just may be a pain to string up. Has anyone tried this? I can't seem to find any images of these basses with updated hardware. Any suggestions for sources for these tuners?

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This forum is a ghost town so I'll answer my own question. I was able to mount Gotoh

GB707E machine heads with no modification. I didn't even use the Gotoh bushings.

I was also able to pop the old post bushings in the center part of the headstock and the new posts slid into the hole about 1/16" as if they were meant to be. Furthermore they're black chrome so they look 100x better than the originals.

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