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Is this normal for a J45? Or is my guitar blemished/fake?


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So I just bought a J-45. My dream guitar, and an expensive luxury here in Brazil due to the crazy import taxes.


I already own a legit gibby(J-35 from 2015) and know what to look for. Everything seems to be in order and I am almost sure the guitar is authentic and neat. But there is one thing that really caught my eye: The serial number and "made in the USA" markings on the back of the headstock are barely legible and nigh invisible. It is as if they were not stamped strongly enough in the wood or as if it was oversprayed/overfinished. Here is a picture that shows it well enough:






Is this normal for J45s with b/s and neck with a darker finish? Can this be considered a guitar with a factory finishing flaw? Is this a sign that the headstock was repaired/refinished? Or worst yet, is this a good fake only spotted by this little detail?


I mean, most fakes I have seem were easy to spot and this guitar looks, plays and sounds like a gibson(better than my beloved 2015 j35 out of the box actually), but you never know for sure this day and age and this little detail really did seem odd to me.


The guitar was bought in Germany through amazon.de(the actual seller was a french store named Scotto).

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I've seen plenty of legit Gibsons just like that. I have a few myself. Never have I seen a copy look like that. Looks legit.


The numbers were probably stamped deep enough, it just has a ton of lacquer over the top.


I dont see anything suspiscous.

The seller himself is a real shop that is found in Marseille, official website here :



You find the same adress on Amazon.fr :


Informations vendeur détaillées

Nom commercial:Scotto Musique

Type d'activité:SARL

Numéro de registre de commerce:314928896 RCS Marseille

Capital social:38112,25

Adresse commerciale:

178 rue de rome





You can ask them about it here :


+33 (0)4 91 37 58 65

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I have a custom shop 2015 L-00 and it is the same. Your guitar is one of many Gibson sends out of the factory like that. If the number stamped on the back didn't match the number on the label inside the guitar, I would be concerned.

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