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2017 Explorer HP switch tip black...?


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Hi all. New member, first post.


I just purchased a 2017 Explorer HP on Reverb from the original owner. I noticed the toggle switch tip was black (see attached image) and not the chrome the Gibson website 2017 Explorer HP shows it to be. In fact, the nut and washer aren't chrome either. They are more brushed aluminum. I have a 2017 Les Paul Classic HP and its tip and nut (different from the Explorer's) are brilliant chrome.


So 2 questions...


1 - Is it possible the factory ship out a black tip or do you think the original owner swap it out?


2 - Where can I get the chrome parts and their Gibson part numbers so I can make it look original? OR does anyone know if there's a parts list/illustration for the Explorer?


Thanks in advance!



post-89446-086738400 1515615658_thumb.jpg

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