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I bought a set of StewMac nut files a few months ago. I have done my own setups for years and have used all manner of tools for nuts. A set of small files costing a few quid, kitchen knives etc. After

The Stew Mac files came. I used them to ever so slightly adjust and smoothen the A, D, and G slots.


Fantastic. Ping gone. Strings seated. and the DR Sunbeams make me believe I can play anything in the world on this guitar right now.


Big endorsement of those files. I don't know if i ever will use them again, but they are nice to have. I suppose they can always be sold as well.


Pleased you got the files Sal. Doing it yourself somehow seems to ensure it's just as you want it. I knew a guy who cut his own hair and pulled his own teeth. Kiddin' about the teeth!

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Sal Said: "I recently had my guys (Russo's) make a new nut for my J45, and do a setup where the action is just how I like it."


Now seeing the picture, take it back and have them cut you a new nut. The one they have installed is too low, that is why the slots are where they are. You cut them any lower, and your action will change. IMO, they should to it for free as what they gave you is not correct.




you paid for something that was not done correct!

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You may have a new appreciation of this....


I was reading an article in Guitarist UK magazine about luthier/head designer at Takamine, Makoto Terasaki...and he mentioned that his early work at Takamine was just as the Eagles music hit the bins and for 4 years, all he did was file the nut slots for Takamine twelve string guitars!




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