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John Hiatt and The Goners Show


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Saw John Hiatt and the Goners in Lafayette, Louisiana last night. The Goners were Hiatt's backing band for the "Slow Turning" album 30 years ago. The Goners are Lafayette musicians Sonny Landreth on monster lead and slide, Dave Ranson on bass and Kenneth Blevins on drums. Hiatt came out and did a 6 song opening solo set playing a scarred up small bodied Gibson (maybe one of y'all can tell the model). Then he and the band did a nice long full band set. The Goners were very tight and played with emotion as well. Hiatt did have some trouble hitting some high notes (especially on "Is Anybody There?") but mostly sounded fine. I was a little surprised he didn't play his signature J-45 at any time. During the full band set it looked like he was playing a cutaway Takamine, but I could be wrong. For his electric he played a Tele.


Highlights for me were "Paper Thin", "Slow Turning", "Tennessee Plates", "It Feels Like Rain", and "Memphis In The Meantime". A lovely night of good material well played.



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Slow turning by John hiatt is a mark in my life

Annoying to me as I think he’s great but his albums productions don’t float my boat. Slow turning does and I think it’s his best.

I can still recall the record shop that was playing it while I browsed for AC/DC and Aerosmith albums as a teenager. For some reason it struck a chord and I went and asked what it was and decided to buy it that day. Was sort of my first real diversion down the country side of things

Played it to death and back then I bought the tablature book for the album. (No google then)

Icy blue heart was one of the first songs I could ‘play all the way through’ pesky Bm chord

And I could never ever hit the notes in is anybody there even then

Still can’t 😂

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I’ve seen Hiatt with Lovett three times. I love Hiatt, and I still crank Memphis in the Meantime.

I’m wondering if that’s his LG2 ... his pride and joy... the one that was in the Fretboard Journal covershoot?

He still can write, and still turn out gems. Long Time Coming is a favorite of mine.

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Go more recent Grunt.

Crossing Muddy Waters or Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns. Adios to California is a good tune.

Sal he played "Crossing Muddy Waters" solo as well as "Cry Love". Sounded great! Another solo song was "Lipstick Sunset". He actually flubbed a chord on that one. Made me feel better about my flubs. 😀

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