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Who’s in the neighbourhood


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Needed a half inch hole drilled in the arse of my new Martin for pickup, was wondering which one of my pals with drills was the least kack handed when I remembered seeing a strange guitar for sale on eBay ...

Contacted the guy and lo and behold his workshop is a spits distance from my workplace !


Gentleman he is


Thought you guys would be interested in looking at his work


It’s ‘kinda’ advertising, but I hope the mods don’t mind ...

they are works of art guitars



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Yeah. Not the sort of thing you’d be taking to the local pub on a Friday night gig


I was disappointed that I didn’t get to his workshop today. He picked up my guitar and dropped it back to me. Hadn’t much time. But still did the little drill work


He’s promised me he’ll bring me down when he has a batch finished. Said his last batch were done and shipped out before Xmas so he’s starting the next load. Would’ve been nothing down there for me to look at but bits and pieces. Don’t think he understood how interested I’d have been in bits and pieces but hey ho


Inspired work

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His photos take a long while to open on my iPad....


Are you going to place an order and support the local guitar craftsman, BBG? You have some real dream guitars being made in your area! (Lowden, McI). Phew!

(I have supported my local chaps - Cargill, Maton but not Cole Clark as yet...though a CC Angel in redwood over blackwood would be nice in the rack! But I must say my locals are way cheaper than your locals!)




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