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Cannot Date My Epiphone


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I was told by friends and family the same thing years ago, "You cannot date your Epiphone"!


I rebelled. "Why not, exactly? What's the big deal?"


"It's forbidden, it's culturally unacceptable, and it's wrong."


"I don't care, I love my Epiphone, and I'm taking her out for dinner and drinks. And then maybe up to Lover's Overlook later for some parking."


*gasp* "You stop this kind of talk right now, young man!"


Anyway, it was all a big scandal, and a complete hassle.


Sadly, the relationship only lasted a few months, and then my Epiphone ran off with some thick-necked jock footballer.


It was the '70's, what can I say?


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Sorry i forgot to add a photo , im new here i dont know how to insert a photo. My serial number is "091201485" , or kindly click the link i shared below for my serial number.

Please help me date my guitar , the last owner said he have done it before and the date showed on website , but now when i try to date it doesnt showed up.

I hope you guys can help me. Thank You.


Serial Number


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