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Question on Neal Shon model


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The Tone of The Masters

# Each Guitar will be Hand Made by Gibson Master Luthier Edwin Wilson, with collaboration by Set Up Master Gary Brawer and Neal Schon's Tech, Scott Appleton!


Unique Guitar Features

# A New Contoured Neck Joint

# A Recessed Floyd Rose™ Tremolo System


Custom Pickups and Sustainer

# A DiMarzio™ Fast Track™ Rail Pick Up in Neck Position

# A Gibson BustbuckerPro™ in the Bridge Position

# The Fernandes™ Active Sustainer™ System


The “Secret Under the Hood”

# An ultra-cool wah/wah circuit on a push pull potentiometer knob that instantly delivers a variable wah sound anywhere on stage without hitting a pedal (or while controlling another pedal with your foot).



# Sustained Resonance with Built in Fernandes™ Active Sustainer™ System

The Fernandes Sustainer is a switchable electromagnetic system powered by a 9 volt battery that actively senses and can magnetically vibrate the strings of the guitar once you set them into motion. When on, it allows you to sustain single notes or chords with no decay. The sustainer driver generates a magnetic field that vibrates the strings of the guitar once you set them into motion. The Fernandes Sustainer has a three switch setting that allows you to get steady sustain for lead parts along with wicked volume swells and harmonics. It's a unique performance device. Fernandes Sustainers have been used on many chart topping songs by U2, Nine Inch Nails, The Rob Zombie Band, King Crimson, Journey, The David Bowie Band, Steve Vai, Suicidal Tendencies, as well as countless Producers and Recording Engineers.


# Enhanced Sonic Capabilities via Onboard Wah Setup

Neal Schon’s classic trick of hitting a wah mid solo and leaving it on in one position is now at your finger tips. There are many new sonic possibilities created by having an onboard wah circuit with variable-control-knob on the guitar... A whole new world of real time combo-effect-sounds with your existing foot pedals! (Try combining the Onboard Variable Wah with Foot Controlled Delay, Chorus, Distortion, Phaser, Flanger, Resonant Filter or Secondary Wah for some crazy new sounds!)


# A Guitar Built for Live Touring or Studio Recording

This is not just a guitar for Neal Schon fans... This is a guitar for all enthusiasts and guitar players!... A Master Built Instrument with phenomenal tone and unprecedented features... A True Player's Guitar that will open up new creative possibilities for your musicianship!


Neal describes these guitars as "the best he has played in his entire career".


# Top of the Line and Custom Components From

Gibson Custom Guitar Shop (www.GibsonCustom.com)

Floyd Rose Guitar Components (www.FloydRose.com)

DiMarzio Pickups (www.DiMarzio.com)

Fernandes Sustainers (www.FernandesGuitars.com)



They are Control Switches

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