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And don’t tell me that having a human face didn’t add to the impact of the performance




I agree, however it IS cool to sometimes watch Sal the headless Gibson strummer.


Sal, you just keep getting better and better.



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And Buc... where ya been? Missing your voice and Vintage.


Nasty case of the flu kicked my tail for 2-3 weeks......still haven't got back to singing. And the part time job is physically demanding, which takes a bit of wind out my sails when it comes to playing. Still lurk here from time to time. I'll be back....


And you keep up the good work, sir! This one is quite well done.

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Great song Sal and great performance. I had a go at this Neil Finn song, a song with a story I like that.






I cant remember if it was EA or Grunt who turned me on to this song...


I heard it returning home from work.... and I came home and recorded this... It is a few tracks... two guitar/ two vox.



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