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Is anyone familiar with Gibson Aluminium Cases? I got mine today, and after fitting my Les Paul Artist '81 to that, I noticed that it doesn't support the neck too well; it has only one contact point near the headstock. Artists has this "bulge" on headstock/neck to reinforce the headstock/nect joint, and thus it is thicker at that point than other Les Pauls; and the guitar seems to rest on that when placed in case. I was just wondering if that case is even appropriate to my guitar? Is the LP Aluminium Case just suitable for High Performance guitar range; does anyone know? I really don't want to spoil my quite rare guitar with unsuitable case... Thanks for your info in advance!!


Best Regards,

Jake, Finland

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hi Jake,


I dont have an aluminium case, nor an Artist model.


The 'bulge' you describe sounds like a volute. I dont think volutes are that common on Les Pauls.

I think your case is this type?




Most cases dont have a large neck support. It looks like the aluminium case is designed to support most of the neck.


I cant tell if your case is suitable, but so long as there is some neck support it should be fine. Obviously, if the headstock was touching the bottom, that would be no good.


Does the guitar feel secure in the case? If there any movement of the guitar inside with the lid closed, then thats not good enough.


Do you have to press the lid down hard to fasten it? I ask because I wonder if the volute is holding the guitar too high in the case.


I thinks its ok if:


If the neck has support.

The guitar fits ok.

There is no movement of guitar in the case when closed.

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Hi Evans,


And thanks for your opinions!! Yes, that is the case (in your picture). The volute (bulge) of the Artist model is seen on the picture below, as is the neck of the guitar when in box. And as it can be seen, the most of the neck is floating in the air. It may be OK and even supposed to be so, but it just made me wonder because otherwise the case is pretty precise job, and it would not be impossible to design the neck support so that the contact are to neck would be a bit larger... It would be nice to hear Gibson staffs' comment on this...


Otherwise, the headstock has a great room, so it is not touching the bottom, and the guitar does not move when the case is closed, and I don't have to press too hard to close it; the lid is a little open (less than an inch) when it is not pressed and the guitar is in the case. The body of the guitar is supperted quite well of its' whole area, and I hope that decreases the pressure to the neck caused by closed lid... I was thinking of adding some extra support to lower part of the nect (closer to the body), like a piece of cloth or something like that...




post-89609-028208200 1516444125_thumb.jpg

post-89609-034930300 1516444136_thumb.jpg

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Looks all good, but I agree, it would be good to get Gibson to endorse this. They are both Gibson products after all.


Why not contact Gibson direct? I cant find an e-mail address right now, but I have used e-mail in the past. Here's site numbers


USA: 1-800-4GIBSON

Europe: 00+8004GIBSON1


Your pictures explain the question well. Good luck.

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Guest Farnsbarns

It doesn't look good to me. The volute is holding he rest of the neck up, causing a bending load on the neck when the case is closed. Personally I would suggest that the case is not suitable for your guitar, with its volute.

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