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It’s not difficult to understand how he, or any one else can overdose on prescribed medications.

I am on the exact same medications that they said he was taking, all but one.

Hey have been in this crap for over 18 years now and dread having to use them.

But the difference is, you just can’t look at the bottles of medications and I think you are hurting more today, so maybe one more pill should help me stop hurting.

It’s so tempting to see the Morphine, Oxicontin, Fentayl pills ,( or patches) sitting on your night stand , but you just have to understand how powerful they really are.

It’s really sad that any one who takes these drugs lets the medications over power their reasoning.

These prescribed medications are no joke, they can and will kill you.

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Well its not just musicians.


A family one town over from me lost 2 adult children within the last three years, both to overdose. AFAIK, neither one had any musician type tendencies in them.


What usually starts this is an injury, Docs prescribe pain killers (opiods), and they never stop taking them. Very addicting...


Just like brc says, very powerful... These things rewire your brain. It's sad, but it is what it is.

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It surprises me how many people die in the U.S from "prescription" medication. Here in the U.K you can't just buy those products they have to be prescribed by a doctor (only a doctor can prescribe them) who will give you the prescription to present at a pharmacy, not chit no drugs. Is there not a similar system in the states?




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Yes, you need a prescription for these drugs.

There's also pill pushing doctors who will authorize refills like crazy.


What we're having a problem with here in the US is that the prescription runs out, the doctor won't authorize a refill and they switch to heroin and people are OD'ing left and right.

That's the opiod epedemic you may have heard about.

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For some reason, opioids seem to be prescribed a lot more often in the US than in Europe. Over here, you get an Aspirin if you've broken every bone in your body. No more, no less.


Maybe it's because the healthcare system is more state-controlled over here, or something. Not always a good thing, but the opioid epidemic... Not good.


He most likely had several different doctors - I read he was on Xanax as well as opioids and an opiate, and anyone who knows the first thing about pharmacology knows you don't prescribe Xanax and opiates together.

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I would imagine the physicians are getting a kick back from the pharmaceutical companies.

Every so often a doctor makes the papers when he gets arrested for writing thousands of prescriptions.

My last doctor was always pushing this cough syrup with codeine in it. He'd never ask if you still had some, he'd just write a prescription for another monster bottle, need it or not.

Luckily, it give me headaches and he has since retired after being subject to a Medicare fraud investigation.


The heroin around here is being mixed with fentanyl which is incredibly potent, the people buying the heroin don't know what's in it and they overdose.

One of my relatives works in a hospital emergency room and she says it's just a madhouse with the junkies. They OD in the parking lot, inside of the hospital, sneaking drugs into the patients who are in for opiod abuse, you name it.

Just crazy.

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