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Vista 64 owners - Good News!!!


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Native Instruments came out with a 3.2.1 for Guitar Rig-3. Among other things - addresses the issues with Registration for Vista 64. I have downloaded it last night.


Cool. Everything works ( I think. Did not get to spend much timewith it yet).


Life is looking up.


Have a gig coming up, still can't find a sound for Gilmour's 'Shine on you crazy diamonds' that is close...

Also, ZZ Top "Sharp Dressed Man"...


Checked NI, Gibson site. followed Steve's(elantric) links - wrong sounds...


If you have a good one - please, share..



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I had previously loaded all of my DF software on my Win XP because Vista 64 wasn't supported at the time.


I setup my PC to have dual boot capability (Win XP and Vasita 64). Do ya think I can go ahead and reload all the SW again onto the Vista 64 side (control panel, Ableton, and GR3) ?

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As far as i remember, the full version of Guitar Rig allows the installation on 2 computers at the same time. Maybe this is true for the Gibson version, too.

It was intended for the use on a stationary pc at home and on a notebook for the go.

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