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NGD! Gibson ES-355


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I had to post photos of my Gibson ES-355, my dream guitar that I got yesterday. I traded a Gibson ES-335 and a Fender Highway One Stratocaster for it in Some Neck Guitars in Dublin. Some of my all time Guitar heroes have played these down the years, Johnny Marr, Chuck Berry, Noel Gallagher, Lenny Kravitz and many more. The varitone option is amazing. You can go from full Gibson to Gretsch and almost Strat sound with the turn of a knob.


This is not like the ones Gibson are reproducing these days. This is the real deal. Ebony fretboard, varitone and stereo with the amazing Lyre (or Maestro, I'm not sure) vibrato. This is also fitted with OX 4 pickups which are as close to PAFS as you can get. This is definitely a reissue from 2003. I just need to figure out what year reissue it is. If anyone knows it would be great.


This guitar is a unicorn. You just don’t see them in Guitar shops in Dublin.








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Looks like photobucket put the screws to you.

Imgur.com is what many of us here use for photo hosting.


Does this guitar have a big, monster fat neck on it like my Lucille does?


Just moved the images to Imgur, thanks for letting me know about that. :)


The neck is a slim neck, 60s style. I've got a Les Paul with a 50s neck that's like a baseball bat.

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Maestro, I believe, and I'll guess they used 1963 as the template as that was the first year with that combo but with Gibson "reissue" could mean practically anything.

You could always drop them a line and see what they say.

Beautiful guitar, congratulations!

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That is beautiful!!


Cool wallpaper or whatever that is in the background too. I see a bunch of cool amps, Klon, Echorec, all kinda of cool geeky stuff


It's the wall of the shop I bought it in. They specialise in Vintage Guitars.

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