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need some advice


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Hi BDuke,


If those are your most favoured options, I would recommend the Sheraton II. Things to consider are:


  • It now has the PRO designation, which offers coil splitting and lots more tone options than either the Casino or the Casino Coupe.
  • In my opinion, it also has more style (particularly in the sunburst and black finishes). I'm not sure how important this would be to you, but it's nice to consider.

Generally, I have heard nothing but good things about all three models, especially the Sheraton II. And I would still recommend it despite playing a really bad lemon myself a year ago. If you really prefer the P90 sound, I think there are other options that would be better in this price range (or even slightly higher, such as the Epiphone ES 295 which comes with Gibson P90s).

I hope this has been helpful to you in some way!

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