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Late 90's Gibson Hummingbird Early 60s Reissue


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A D18 with a capo is magic man...



I don’t do very much without one


Had d28 , hd35 , 00015 and a hd35

Played a hd28V once couldn’t handle the neck


The hd35 is possibly the ‘best’ guitar I’ve ever played but it was a bit like using a Ferrari for the school run


The 00015 was sweet but a little like using a yugo for the school run



I live my j45 , so I can’t help be drawn to the D18’s

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Hey Sal this deserves a thread of it's own

Is really superb

Yes indeed - people are gettin' stronger here, , , including yourself.

Sal, kind of new to hear you go that low. It's done very convincing and maybe you should visit that cellar more often.

Would be great to your higher vox on top in well chosen harmonies here and there.

A flourishing 2018 is foreseen from this temple.

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