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I was very lucky to BORROW this brand new ES1275 double neck from my local guitar shop. It is on sale for $5999 Canadian (today would be $4,749.43 US). I am doing a cover of Hotel California and this guitar NAILS the sound. I've recorded my acoustic 12 string (Taylor) clean, mic'd, down the centre and recorded two tracks of the ES1275 hard right and hard left using a compressor and a slow phaser. Sounds terrific. This 12 string is also very easy to play. I once owned a Rick 12 and it was a bear!





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Brand new light relic? :-s


I have the Epi version and it is fun to play around with for sure, but not enough for me to purchase the full-boat Gibson version. I do have a 12 string bridge with individual string saddles coming for it as I type. Can't stand a guitar that can't be intonated.


The Epi version also has the tail piece claws set back farther, which I like.

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