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I would like to apologize


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I have, in the past, denigrated those who refer to guitar pickups as 'pups'.




I wish to say to you pups and puppy lovers alike, "I am sorry".



I realize that there are those of us who order a 'soda'.

Some of you from other parts of the country will request a 'pop'.

Still others call every bubbly beverage a 'Coke', whether the Coke in question is a Dr Pepper or a Diet Pepsi.


It's colloquial, I get it.

And I concede that my own personal bias (I find the expression 'pups' to be like bloody nails on a chalkboard) should not over-shadow my willingness to listen to whatever message that may or may not be contained in the offensive 'pup' discussion.



I'm sorry, and if you want to call guitar pickups 'pups', I will, from this day forward, politely ignore you, and with all gentility and grace, cut you out of my Last Will and Testament.


But I will defend to the death your right to utter the thoroughly wrong expression, 'pups'.


Please carry on with your normal Friday evening activities.


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Dude.. Its all just words.. Get over yourself :P



More seriously though. In my view as long as I understand what someone is trying to covey then I really don't care about the detail.. Life is way too short.. none of this is even real, its all virtual.. just pixels on a screen. :)


When I was working in a "normal" job I spoke to people from all over the world.. When you do that just getting the right message across is all that's important with inconsistent English and accents it gets hard sometimes... You get over the small things and learn to concentrate on the big picture..

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So since I call them pickups, am I in your last will and testament, ha!msp_flapper.gif


Yes sir.


I have quite a few guitars, truth be told.


If things get too bad, and I see the family about to pull the plug on my life support, I'll send a few your way.



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Looks very impressive but what is it? [confused]


Farewell gift for a Warrant Officer aviator friend who is retiring this week.


Contains the standby flight instruments from the aircraft he flew, and you can put your beverages on top of it.

His Callsign is on a little placard there, instead of the usual aircraft tail number.



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I know what those are! That's your airspeed indicator, your attitude indicator and your, um, vertical speedulator thingy. I think.



Standby airspeed indicator, attitude indicator, and altimeter.


We could have used some sort of high-speed diamond saw to cut the actual instruments down to a face-plate thickness, and simply mounted them on a plaque.

But I had no idea whether that would have jacked-up the displays right beneath the glass.



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