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Yeah, sorry boys. Gotta' get some time to figure out photo sharing, but I thought I could delete a post.

I know this belongs on Lounge or Feedback, imgur worked for me using the BBCode (message boards and forums) Duh.

Check out the pretty 40's Grovers I found for my old 00018. Couldn't resist.





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I already admit to being dopey. Thanks, Einstein.




Yep, the full imbecile! [biggrin]



This photo stuff is designed to make clever people into idiots!



So I joined Imgur a while back when Photofoockit went silly and here are a couple of things I do to get a pic up in the Gibson Acoustic forum - don't hold me to it - every computer system seems to be different, but I do this with a pc AND also my Mac laptop and seems to get a photo or two up here and there [biggrin] :


1. Sign in, assuming you signed UP with Imgur.


2.Go to my Images.


3. For this forum ONLY, I go to the Auto Resize list and again, for this forum (don't ask me why) I press the 17" monitor selection.


4. Select the photo from your collection, when it opens go to the bottom of the panel and select "Huge Thumbnail" which should turn a nice green....


5. Then press the Copy button on BBCode.


Open Gibby Forum in thread, type a bit of fooey, press return and hit your paste or control V on your typing keyboard and for good measure add another keyboard return space.


And Sign off, and all the normal posting things you do.




Here, you want to play what - that guitar? Forget it! I want the ball thrown..NOW!









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You use an iPad for the forum murph?



No, I use a desktop pc for the forum.


I use an iPad for YouTube and Garageband and an iPhone for taking pictures.


Weird, eh?


I use a phone for a camera, an ipad for a tape recorder and a computer for a stereo/t.v.


No wonder the World's screwed up.


It's my fault.....

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