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John Hiatt and Sonny Landreth


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The Canyon club in Agoura Hills is 6 miles from my house. My wife said “Hey John Hiatt is playing tonight wanna go?” Aah, yes. We saw him there 3 years ago and I thought it would be pretty much the same. He did a little solo stint of about 5 songs and said that his wife told him he was “backing up” himself. He took a 15 minute break and then came on stage with Sonny. I was blown away. They did the whole “Slow Turning” album, in my top 5 all time favorite albums! I was introduced to him through that album by a British anesthesiologist (name Mick no less) who was faculty at the University of Texas where I was in 1988. He came to the States to play American music and all I wanted to play, when we formed a band, was British music.

He turned me on to Slow Turning which had just been released back then and we played “Paper Thin” and “It’ll come to you”. I digress.


So last night was the 30th anniversary tour of the album! It was fabulous! Small venue, intimate and they rocked the house! Sonny played a black Beauty LP and a sunburst Firebird and a bunch of Strats. John played a J-45 vintage sunburst and Telecasters as well as a single cut large acoustic that I couldn’t identify.


I will upload some video that I shot later when I get a chance.

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A couple of things:


How very cool, and what a duo to see!! I've seen SL play with Buffett, and what a gem he is.


John Hiatt was playing a small venue, and you got tix the same day? Some people just don't know what they're missing! Glad your Mrs. is one "in the know".


Hope you both had a great time.

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