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....thinking of the Hummingbird......

Buc McMaster

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Looks nice Sal. Is that a scuff on the lower end or the way your pc is lighting the background





Lighting... but it aint perfect. Binding is not smooth everywhere. few finish cracks/crazing... But thats not the stuff that I get hung up on. Action is ok, if s tad high. Frets good. fretboard good.


for an 18 year old guitar its fine.... but I am hijacking Buc's thread. Ima sign out...

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Lovely bit of writing there, Buc!


I love the Hummingbird, and certainly adore my two (6 and 12), but I think your 12 fret 45 suits your style a shade better.


Sal, that Bird looks great! My 1990 has a bit of checking and uneven binding etc but plays like butter and the tone is stunning...looking forward to hearing more about how you get on with yours!

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Well I been thinking 'bout the Hummer

slowly melting to the sea

and all the stars from that gone summer

forever shining silently

The honey-glaze in the flowers

sweetly humming as he strums

The butterfly awaits the power

of any song which this way comes


I would be the first to see the dilemma. Once Nectar-smitten, it gets really hard to forget the garden of glaze and wonder.

Some don't and never will catch that fever (should be respected) - the rest of us can't live without the sweet square.

A member here recently used the term mystery of the Hummingbird - and this thread underlines exactly that. It's a different guitar.

Sal once wrote he could see that I 'understood the Bird'. That idea stuck.

Though not sure if I'm fully there, understanding the Bird - vintage as new ones - is what I been trying to do the last couple of years.

And they still have me mesmerizingly mystified.

Sal himself is pretty drawn in. The picture shows.

One thing is the nice 1999 Gibson - but notice the three screens which all show columns, diagrams and statistics over his goin' back'n'forth about the model :

1 screen for aesthetics, 1 for the instrument itself and 1 for sheer romance.

Couldn't be illustrated better - that's how strong it is.


Congs ^ and good luck Buc

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