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A while back, I posted a question about the Marshall DSL series amps. After playing them (quite a bit) I bit the bullet and bought not one but two. I bought the DSL100 head and the DSL40 combo, retiring my Marshall MG100DFX. I also got the Marshall 1960A cabinet to go with it. I got these in a week ago Wednesday. I played them, loved them, then Saturday the DSL100H head died on me. I called them and got a replacement but since the DSL100HR head just came out with some new features, I sent the old one back for a refund and got the new one. I really like the clean/crunch channel, which has a great clean sound or I can turn on the crunch for a Plexi type sound. The overdrive channels go from really nice overdrive to severe metal overkill. The 1960A cabinet sounds really good with the head or combo plugged into it. I kept my Randall half stack for now and have the Randall cabinet as my bottom cabinet. They've not been tested live yet nor cranked up a whole lot. But, the built in attenuator that can take it from full power to half power is awesome. I can get a really good tone and don't have to send the family screaming out of the house. I read a couple of reviews on this amp found a couple of them pretty funny.


Quote 1: I finally gave in and decided to try a real Marshall (the DSL100H) and now I can say without fear of being contradicted, "Nothing sounds like a Marshall but a Marshall". This is the real deal, and it sounds like a Marshall even at bedroom volumes. You can shatter all the windows in your house, send your poor dog to Outer Mongolia, and your significant other screaming about your sanity if you want. But if you just want to sit back and play at a volume that a baby will sleep through, you can do that as well.


Quote 2: It's powerful, loud, has that undeniable Marshall tone, works perfectly, has nothing cheap looking, feeling or sounding about it. It will take your hand and lead you through ambient valleys of beautiful clean tone... then with the flip of a switch it will take your hand, rip off your arm and beat you over the head with it




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