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I have to say that every time I see somebody use the term "fingerstyle" it brings about a bit of a chuckle. Very dainty sounding. Me, I ain't no fingerstylist - I am a damn fingerpicker. And that is 100% of the time as it is how I originally taught myself to play back in the early 1960s.


But this post is very nice change from the usual proclamations you see about a guitar you have owned maybe a day being a "keeper." What usually jumps into my head is the thought why don't you get back to me a decade or so on down the road. At least get through the Honeymoon period first. We have picked up 5 Gibson flattops in the past 25 or so years. Two went bye-bye although I would have yelled out to the Heavens they were keepers when I first got them in my hands. Of the three still here, one is a who knows kinda thing. That is the 1957 CF-100. It is not the guitar but me. Seems that as I move along I have been losing my once steadfast love for LG-2s. Went through that with our 1960 J-200. Had that one for decades and for many years I would have dared you to try and pry it out of my hands. But somewhere along the line the love affair ended and the only reason it is still with us is that my wife just adores the thing.

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