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How much does your amp figure into your tone?


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I've always figured it as a high percentage, because it seems that you can play a good guitar through a crappy amp, and it will sound awful, while you can play a crappy guitar through a good amp, and it will sound pretty good.


What's your opinion, and why?

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I said 60%, but it might even be more. I know guitar and technique come in to play, but if I have a halfway decent guitar I can make it work pretty well with a good amp tone. My techniqe is OK, I don't totaly suck, but I'm not phenominal either, but on nights when my amp is set just right and I don't feel like I'm fighting the amp I can relax and my playing and tone is a lot better.

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OK, my 2c worth...


Not sure if you're aware of Gestalt theory, that is in summary the whole is different, or greater, than the sum of its parts.


In other words, it's the combination of the components that delivers the results. As others are pointing out, there are many elements that make up the output.


You can have 2 players use exactly the same equipment and come up with 2 completely different outputs.


Another way of looking at it is in the context of a band itself. Bands like The Stones, Zeppelin, The Who, KISS etc etc etc are made up of individuals that solo have had some success, but put the respective band members together in their groups and you have something special.


I run my Les Paul Classic that's been modified with Jimmy Page Wiring and Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro's into an ABY box that goes into a Marshal AVT50 combo and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe combo. Absolute tonal bliss! It's the tone I want. I've spent literally thousands on other amps and guitars but I keep coming back to that setup.


Problem is a decisive lack of talent that leaves me noodling around with power chords entwined with poorly executed scale runs. I have fun with it but will probably never get what's in my head coming out of the speakers.


There is no one element that's the most important, it is definitely the combination.


Over and out

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You know this is really an interesting question. People spend lots of money to buy signature guitars, ie. Jeff Beck Les Paul's and Strat's, David Gilmore Strat's etc however when and if they ever get played Iwould bet that they don't sound like the Artist. I think all the components play a part in the tone/sound but it is the Artist who makes it Magic.=D>


Epi Les Paul Silverburst

HSS Strat

Alverez Acoustic

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