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SG 61 reissue ?


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Hi I recently purchased a Gibson SG 61 reissue Serial# 022150542, I come up with a 2005 if I did the serial # thing correctly.


Couple of questions 1) Is the hardware metric, or standard?


2) Did these guitars come with 10 gauge strings?


Love the neck on this guitar!

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1) If it is American made, then yes it is Standard.

2) Yes, it came with 10's


The reason I asked is because I see the hardware for the tuners is metric. The tuners are already bad and need to be replaced. I also have problems with other parts.


Gibson only states some parts are purchased from other suppliers, this makes me wonder if they are made in China.


I recently purchased this SG used and really like it, just have to fix all the issues, most of which were caused by the previous owner, not Gibson.


Thanks for responding, I know I put this in the wrong section, noob mistake. :(

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