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Played half a dozen J15s

Mr. Paul

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Visited the big city and two GCs recently. Both had 3 J15s, 2 burst and 1 natural. At both locations, I really liked the sound of the natural over both of the bursts as they had that sparkle that J15s are known for. My bias in Gibbys has always been in favor of sunburst.


I thought it quite interesting as the differences were not subtle.

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I have a 2016 Sunburst J-15 that I got from Music Villa. There were a few that got through the line in 2016, before they started officially offering Sunburst J-15's. Anyway, I played a J-15 at a Guitar Center and it didn't sound anything like my J-15. It sounded dead compared to mine, and I know that happens a lot at Guitar Center with old strings. I thought it was sad, because someone playing that guitar wouldn't realize how nice a J-15 can sound.

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Playing 6 similar acoustics in a string must be a highly exciting experience, , , , simply an A/B/C/D/E/F/.

And good training for sonic memory as well.


Last year I visited a place where they had stringed up some 20 new same-model Gibsons and few days earlier.

I asked the guy about the differences and he replied there hardly was any. What !?!

Still not sure if I believe him - I mean he was at work and probably in some kind of semi-insensitive gear.

Yet, he might have been right - pro as he was/is.


Admit I'm a fool for differences in identical objects. It's a growing thing that must be kept under control.

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I've been playing my J-15 exclusively since I got it, just using the J-45 for open G slide stuff.


The strings are getting dull now, but when I first tried it/brought it home EVERYBODY who heard it noticed the exceptional tone and projection it had.


I truly believe at this price point, and with the eco friendly woods it uses, this will be one of Gibson's most popular models very soon, if not already.


Giggers want a sub 2K guitar to take out and actually GIG with. Seeing Gibsons in clubs and coffee houses and being busked with is a win/win for the Company, and for us.

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