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Happy Murphday...


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Picture doesn't really show, it's a square neck. I didn't even know how to hold the slide, had to google it.


Man, I worked with it for hours this morning. Talk about a challenge. Hitting correct notes isn't NEARLY as hard as muting stuff.


I'm too old for this kind of concentration.....

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Well, it was yesterday.


Yep. Groundhog day. Turned the big 60. Luckily, I don't look it.


Guess what I got.....








Congratulations, birthday boy!


Now, does it have a pickup to plug in that Boogie in the pic? Wind that up, especially while you are ‘acclimatising’, and the people next door might move out in a hurry....and you may just fix your rodent problem at the same time. Ask your bagpiping friend over to finish them off.......


I am sure there are plenty of ‘how to’ things out there now, youtube maybe, but Stacy Phillips use to have a book of lessons designed to make ...you give up. <_< I did....




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Thanks all.


Man, muting this thing is quite the job. This is a total different deal than playing slide guitar (for me anyhow) because of the different position, and holding that damned slide pretty much uses up the left hand, and fighting those damned fingerpicks keeps the right hand busy (and that's all I have) not to mention all that bending over to pick them up when they get hooked and fly across the room like a freakin rocket powered drone.


I seem to have less patience than I did when I was 59.......



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