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Bird Back in the House

Joe M

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Finally got a Hummingbird back in the collection. Had a True Vintage, liked it, didn't love it, sold it. Got a Vintage, loved it, but liked my Martins more, sold it. At one of my local Gibson dealers today and was ready to drop the hammer on a beautiful 12 fret J45 Custom. Another guy and I spent at least an hour or two trying all the Gibsons and a couple of Martins that were hanging in the shop. We were kind of left alone in the acoustic room. As I said, just about to pull the trigger on the J45 when I spotted the HB Vintage hanging on the wall. Pulled it down and after one strum, I was reminded of how much I liked the one(s) I had had and sold. Owner of the shop stopped in to see how we were doing and had him give me a price on the guitar. As the Godfather said, he made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so I bought it. FWIW, the other guy went home with a J45 Vintage that was one of the best sounding Gibbys that I have heard. Not as sweet as my HB, but a big and powerful sound. And it was reliced more than any acoustic I have ever seen. Not scratched and dinged up, but a real dull and dark SB that I thought was really cool.


So, got home and spent a couple of hours playing it with the original strings on it. Will put a new set on tomorrow.


And, Sal, if you're reading this, I think you and I may be long lost brothers. I think I may flip as many guitars as you.... [rolleyes]


Oh, and I know, pics or it didn't happen....I'll work on those tomorrow also.

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The guitar is just as nice as the last HB I had. The owner of the store is a big John Pearse string guy so he gave me a set of those strings, PB 12's. I had never tried these before but they sound very good on the bird. See how well they settle in after a few days. Anyway here's a quick pic of the new guitar. Very subtle burst, almost non-existent, I really like it....


Hope this pic works, haven't done this in a while.....



OK, said file was too big to upload, how do I resize it???

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I’ve owned four Hummingbirds, The first one (an ‘06 Modern Classic) was so-so, but the second (an ‘08 Modern Classic) was absolutely stellar, and I bitterly regretted parting with it for a long time.


I currently own No 3 (a 1990 in Antique Natural) and No.4, a 2005 Custom Shop 12 string which I bought from forumer JohnT. Both are astounding instruments and guitars I never plan to let go, they can be pried from my cold dead hands in the future but only if the pryer is lucky!


They’re sonically understated guitars which just DO IT. No drama, no sturm-und-drang, just great solid tone and a friendly demeanour. Easy to take for granted in the fiery furnace of GAS, but something anyone would miss mightily after the fact, in my opinion.

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If you want, email me at salarnuk at gmail dot com and I’ll post the picture to Imgur and then the Forum.

Can’t wait to see it.

And I can wait to get mine back from my luthier.


Thanks Sal, pic has been sent. Mine is very playable, just needs a little tweak by my guy. Think I'm gonna wait till the weather settles down here in the midwest before I take it to him.


Thanks again.

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Congrats. Nothing sounds like an H'Bird. Will fill a hole in your soul.

Well spoken! I agree with you entirely. I'll never forget what happened to me the very first time i've tried a HB and i had to wait quite a few years before i could have the opportunity to purchase my own 2017 Cherry Sunburst. Everytime i play, i just can't believe the sound i'm able to hear although the sound is actual & quite real. This is a beautiful lady, as beautiful as a dream, and sometimes one dream might come to something real. Enjoy your guitar!

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