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NGD, semi hollow body


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Sorry for the late posting.


I actually acquired this used guitar over a week ago, but things have been insane at work and at home (with my bride suffering from the flu) and so now things have settled down enough to where I can even think straight.


She is the Xaviere XV-570 semi-hollow-body guitar.


An unbelievably versatile and capable guitar for an absurdly reasonable price.


Really pretty guitar, beautifully finished, with tight sounding mini-humbuckers and a very smooth and flawless neck.

The previous owner was a guitar addict looking to trade up to an ES LP, I do believe.

I can't say that I'm sorry he unloaded it, and that she came into my life as a result.


Here’s what I found out about it online.

Body- Solid Mahogany

Top- Thick Solid Maple Wood

Neck- Solid Mahogany with Rosewood Fingerboard

Fingerboard Radius- 12"

Frets- 22 Medium Jumbo Nickel Silver

Pickups- GFS Minitron Nashville Pair

Tuners- Sealed Die Cast 14:1

Scale Length- 24 3/4"

Width at Nut- 1 11/16"

Depth at 1st Fret- 0.8"

Depth at Heel- 1.1"


I don’t actually care about any of that, I just know a good feeling, great playing, fantastic sounding guitar when I hold one.


Here are the porno pics:








If you stumble across one of these, PICK IT UP.

And run home with it.



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The first thing that would be a red alert ~~~ semi hollow body vs Body- Solid Mahogany



That was just a cut and paste from some web description of another (identical model) on Reverb dot com.


I'm going to take an aircraft technical inspector's mirror and a flashlight, and see what's actually going on inside this guitar.


Apparently Earl Slick endorses these pickups, and some of the other guitars and products from Xaviere's parent company, Guitar Fetish.



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Okay, it's interesting.


I looked at the interior very carefully.

The side walls of the body are nearly an inch thick, and really nicely sanded.

The top feels a quarter-inch thick or less.

The back is only slightly thicker.

I don't have a micrometer.


The interior is hollow, with the exception of a solid round-edged rectangle of wood that goes from floor to ceiling, and encompasses the set-neck fixture and the neck pickup.


Slight gap between the two pickups, and then another solid round-edged rectangle that also goes from floor to ceiling, and encompasses the bridge pickup all the way back to the aft strap pin.


All the wiring and electrics are neatly arranged and soldered.

The view directly down thru the bottom f-hole reveals the volume and tone pot wiring rather rudely.

There was no attempt to brace those wires back and away from view, but they are really neat, colorful, efficient, and nicely done.


She weighs 6.14 pounds.

Comparing that to my Gibson Sully Erna Les Paul Signature (9.3 pounds) and my Gibson Les Paul Faded (7.7 pounds) I must say, she's a pleasure to strap on and play.


Okay, I'm gonna shut up now.


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