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How Does Bozeman Sand Spruce So Well?


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I have a 2017 J35, and the top grain is very light-colored and consistent on the entire top. There isn't any striping or other grain on the top. It has silking over the entire top. I was a finish carpenter for many years, and sanding the end grain to be fully exposing every nuance of the grain is difficult and time consuming.

My question is, how does Bozeman sand a soft wood like Spruce down to the finest grain detail? You can see the silking clearly on every square inch of the top. They must use a roller drum sanding machine with very fine sandpaper I guess. It just amazes me that every fine grain detail is visible, and Spruce is so soft. My hat goes off to them. I'm having trouble posting a picture, but the sanding guys in Bozeman really have it together.

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Kelly - in this pic you can see the grain lines in the spruce top.



Same guitar but the angle shows off the silking (medullary rays) that run perpendicular to the grain lines, almost looking like flame figuring.





Thanks BK, I got it now, good stuff, thats why I come here because it is educational as well as entertaining.

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