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Which Dealer would you recommend?

Chris Hill

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could advise me of a dealer in the USA who I could speak to regarding the beautiful new Gibson songwriters? I live in the UK, and at the moment, info on the 2009 songwriters is a little vague.


The questions I have, are;


Is the 2009 songwriter CE Standard, the only one in the range with the compound neck? or is it also on the Songwriter custom.


Is there a big difference in the electronics found 2009 songwriter standard and the songwriter custom.


Also, is the 2009 songwriter actually available to buy now in the USA?


Any help or advice would be really appreciated. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Gibson have some shops that specialise in acoustic guitars.. but I dont know where they are.


Many thanks


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Chris, I don't have any answers for your questions, but Welcome to the forum. Gibson does have a Custom Shop that custom builds acoustics, but as far as dealers go, Gibson has 5 star dealers, but none strictly for acoustics to my knowledge. Perhaps Mike (guitarstrummer) is aware, and can provide some answers for you.

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