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I was just listening to In Too Much Too Soon.

Whenever I listen to it, or their debut album,

I am always struck by how much it sounds like it is a live recording.


In the early 70's those guys were doing their own thing and blazing a trail of blues-based rock and roll for all those young punks.

And yet almost none of their stuff was on the radio.


I wish I could have seen them, but I wasn't quite old enough at the time.

Anybody here ever catch these guys live? If so, how was it?

I sure would like to hear about it. [biggrin]



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I came late to the party with the New York Dolls, but I admire their guts and raucous wonderfulness.


What drew me to explore their music was reading how, in the early 1970's, they had an influence on Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, who were struggling to find a hook and an image for their band Metal Lester, soon to morph into KISS. Simmons and Stanley said on more than one occasion that the NY Dolls weren't afraid to shock and provoke (men wearing women's makeup on occasion, and striking rock-and-roll wardrobe as well), and that gave them some inspiration to take the makeup and stage garb to the next level.



Most younger forum members won't be able to relate to this story, probably because the older version of Gene Simmons has become such a reality TV entrepreneur and self-promoting hot-dog. And there's little denying that the current KISS stage show is more Las Vegas schlock than it is New York cool.


But the energy and rock-and-roll kick-*** attitude that prevailed in the early days of the NY Dolls, Velvet Underground, and KISS was a palpable and interesting thing.




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The only Dolls stuff I have seen live is the post 2005 reunion stuff where it is just David Johanssen and Sylvain Sylvain from the original band. They put on a good show but it definitely wasn’t the raw energy level I have seen in video from their mid 1970s prime.

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Drunken brawl Rock And Roll. My favorite kind.




Yes! [thumbup] Similar to what some Brits call pub rock I believe.



I’m not old enough to have seen them but I’ve always loved Johnny Thunders


For sure... Johnny's solo stuff is worth a spin for anyone who liked the dolls.

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As to the OP, not old enough to have seen them. But certainly a fan.


And this thread needs some music in the unlikely event that someone here hasn't heard them...




Totally agree.

I was going to post a video but I was too lazy.


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I like the good songs from the old albums (FZ Fan: "As opposed to someone who only likes the bad songs." Fixed it for ya!).


A friend of a friend showed me a dvd docu of Johansen recording a new album ten years ago or so... Well, good for him. I've heard better songs, but hey... Still going, right?


Apart from the cultural influence and the songs I like, two things stick out:


1) They were SO New Yaawk, no amount of make-up could make them look cute, and


2) don't do heroin. And be very f...king careful with opioids, even in a medical setting. Well, taking one recreationally shouldn't even enter your mind.

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My big sister,Who is no longer with us turned me on to the New York dolls when I was about 13.

Seen Johnny in Glasgow in the 80’s and he blew me away,seen the dolls a couple of times and they always do a shout out for johnny, playing you can’t put your arms around a memory.

I bought a double cut junior to try and play like johnny but can’t get any where near to what he done with a guitar,he is so underrated as a guitarist.


Cheers Derek r

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