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J 15 V Taylor 615 V a Martin V J 100 Walnut


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The J-15 won that shootout.


I gotta say, I've had mine a few months, and the TONE is the first compliments I get, nobody can even see the beautiful back.


I've always been a fan of Walnut having owned a Walnut SG for many decades.


Thanks JuanCarlos.

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J-15 is such a great guitar, if it didnt have the larger nut width id have kept it, but i prefer slim so i have a D-28 and taylor 214ce. But, i can tell you this, tonewise that j-15 sounded better in the store than many much more expensive models! People always assume price dictates the best sound, such a stupid, narrow minded way to think imo. The look of the walnut on the j-15 is always amazing.


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