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Got it and it's better than I expected. Almost mint condition and for over 40 years old I'm really pleased. 8.5lbs. The quality is great. I wasn't expecting Gibson quality but I find that Korean guitars have a decent quality. I have a Hamer that's made there and it's better made than my studio. I've ordered a pickguard too. Just need a case now.27657438_10215094286853500_211192254038914804_n.jpg?oh=e6b167426613d0e6eca1866789382b47&oe=5AE18C5E


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Nice piece of work. Only issue I have with it is the lack of a scratchplate but that could easily be remedied.


I prefer the no scratchplate look.

I took the scratchplate off my jazz archtop (but it did hide the attachment bracket for the floating pickup).


As for Korean guitars. I have 2. Both are superb. I think I may even prefer them to Japanese ones now.



Love that Antoria blonde finish. Nothing shows nice grain off better than natural/blonde.

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