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Slow Friday Night


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Well the kids are out shopping, just finished supper and it's a slow Friday night in the basement with my 2 guitars, computer on Gibson forums and rabbit, hence the avatar - yep she likes Gibson guitars too but for a different reason, I thought I would pose the following question after having some spirits - wine - yes I got the spirit - 99 bottles stored in a closet, ops 98 now.


What is your favorite album with an acoustic guitar played song?


Mine would be "Threshold of a Dream" by the Moody blues and the song is "Never Comes the Day"


Got to go to Timmys for coffee, be back soon.



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The song "Cherokee Waltz" from the cd "Scotty Stoneman Live in L.A. with the Kentucky Colonels". I swear it's just Scotty on the fiddle and Clarence White on guitar. What a great recording for being live in a bar in 1965. Not the recording, the "feel".


Best to ya.



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"Soul of a City Boy"' date=' Jesse Colin Young, 1964. Actually that's the name of the album and it's all acoustic. [/quote']

YES! Love that album. Just try and buy it on CD now..... very hard to find.


Fred, that's a tough question...... I think off the top of my head I'd go with Peter Mulvey, either Two Janes or Oliver's Army, on the album he recorded in the subway (I think) Darn, can't remember the name of it. I'll be back with the title (running off to the entertainment center)


Update: Ten Thousand Mornings. Also, Oliver's Army has drums in it so I guess I'm going with Two Janes.


p.s. Does anyone from the old forum remember when we were going on that 3 hour cruise and we could only take 10 albums with us?

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