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Video of my pal Sam Broussard playing with Sonny Landreth.


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This is from the Sonny Landreth album "Live In Lafayette ". On the far right my friend Sam Broussard is playing his 1935 L-00 (stripped down to a natural).

I am lucky enough to play a duo gig with Sam once a month. I just try to hold down a steady rhythm and stay out of his way. He has played with Jimmy Buffett, Linda Ronstadt, Michael Murphy (that's his lick on "Wildfire") and many others. A great guy with very cool stories.

He also has a lot of wonderful originals. He gets a solo at around 1:28.


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Beyond cool! Thanks for sharing this with us.


Sonny is my favorite slide player. I interviewed him for Fretboard Journal at one of the Clapton Crossroads concerts. Brilliant musician and lovely guy.


You're right, John. I have never heard a bad word about Sonny as a person (or as a player 😉). Sam is also quite the gentleman.

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Love it.


I was considering Dockside (studio) back around 1994 for the debut Double Aught cd before relocating to the Heartland and re-grouping. Sonny was working on "South Of I-10" there around that time.


He's an awesome player with a Louisiana feel, and your friend has an equally good touch and style.


Thanks for that!

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