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Thunder remembered my '91 Tele was my #1 for several years, up until last September. When I got the ES-339.


I haven't gigged it since, and it won't go tomorrow night either, just the 339 and the SG. But... It's not for sale.


I was just thinking there was too much "Tele" talk in the GIBSON forum, and figured I'd......


"Pull A Homz"






Best to ya.......



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Hey Murph' date=' have you ever posted pictures of your guitars? I don't think I've seen them.[/quote']


No. I just got a digital camera a short time ago. It took me awhile to figure out the avatar, because I'm an idiot with getting pictures to work, I really don't spend enough time with the computer.


I promise to work harder on that Tim. I was involved in that huge ice storm, lost power, ect., the front man in our Band was without power for 14 days. I had roof damage and am working on that, plus work a 5 day a week day job, and am booked EVERY Sat. night for the rest of my freakin' life (which is a good thing....), and some Fridays, and ect.


I am working on it, I'd love you guys to see the old Mandolin. It's cool as heck.


Best to ya.



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Murph you give us something to look forward to for 2009.

Where are you playing this Saturday?

Did you know there's a Vintage Guitar Show in Chicago this weekend?


I'm as far from Chicago as you can get. And still be in Illinois. I can see the Ohio River from my front yard, kitchen window, ect.


I'll be in Morganfield Ky., tomorrow night.





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your a for real traveling guitar player.

Good luck with that gig.

Best of wishes and safe driving. I assume you're driving?


Yea, I'm driving like two hours one way to that gig.




Are you a cop?


No, I'm not driving.


Gettin' there ain't the problem......................


It's gettin' home.


(got it covered, bro!)



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