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My Bird...


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I got my 1999 Hummingbird Early Sixties Reissue back from getting a pickup installed and getting setup...


I actually used it last night at a gig. 4 1/2 Hours Yikes! Awesome time... sounds fantastic live K&K Redeye combo. And a little color from a few effects:





I didnt get enough. This morning I recorded a Guy Clark song. I was probably too far from the mic... recorded on my iphone.


Hope you like it :


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Guy Clark tune - but Keith is right... I learned it watching how Jason Isbell played it at Austin City Limits.


Thanks for listening!


Zap - its a TU3-W (WAZA). Improved circuitry or whatever. But I bought it for a different reason. The impedance is a match for the K&K. While I could surely run the guitar straight into the fire eye, I like the effects, and I like the tuner as a mute/tune pedal. It doesnt mute when it is in the accessories loop - hence the sequential ordering.


The old TU3 plain ones had the match. The newer TU3's do not... unless you go Waza.

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This is one of my favourite songs ever, Sal...love Guy. Beautiful arrangement of it and the Bird sounds terrific!


I’m intrigued about the Waza TU3. I’ve got a horrible Korg Pitchblack mini at the moment which is fine tuning wise but introduces a nasty whine to the pedal chain when bypassed. I thought it could be eliminated by using an A/B box, so i had one built for me, but it’s actually the power chain that it’s putting the noise into, so unless it’s given it’s own individual power supply it’s not really suitable for gigging as it sounds horrible!


I’d been looking at the Turbo Tuner Mini that’s accurate to within a gnat’s nose hair of perfection, but I use K&Ks in my J45 and Hummingbird 12, and apparently the TTM can get squirrelly if a pickup senses any extraneous noise, so it could be a nightmare. Definitely interested in the Waza Craft TU3, if it gets your nod I’ll probably go for one.

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