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hardware information on my '69 Gibson SG special

Sir Rat

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I have recently acquired a classic guitar that I had dated to 1968 to 1969. there is an issue that was brought to my attention, the tuners are not the stock Klaus but some other brand. I was told that they were not installed by Gibson but the guitar shows no sign of another tuner peg being installed so that leads me to believe that it came from the factory like this. During my looking on the net for info I found a person selling one exactly like mine on ebay with the same pegs and he told me that there was a period of time that the Klaus were unavailable and this was substituted, but no other details. Does anyone out there have that info, the people at Gibson only have records dating back to 1980 so they were not of any real help. Anything and everything is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sir Rat...

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